To proceed with creating an account, you need to be a member of one of the following projects:

  • AI4EOSC: AI for the European Open Science Cloud

  • iMagine: Imaging data and services for aquatic science

External users

If you are not a member of the above projects, consider joining either one of them by applying to the Open calls for external usecases. More information about the Calls can be found in their respective project’s homepages.

If you were not able to apply in time to an Open Call, you can always try to reach us explaining why and how you would like to use the platform.

Once you are a member of either project, you can proceed to create an account. The authentication for the AI4OS stack depends on the project it serves. Current projects use the following Identity providers:

How to create an account

EGI Check-In (prod)

Go to the EGI Check-In (prod) and login preferably with your institutional account (university, research center). If this is not possible, please, use one of Github or ORCID but with the email domain which identifies your organisation. This will automatically create your new account at EGI Check-In.

Now you have to enroll in one of the Virtual Organizations (VO) supported by the project. Please ask the support email to get the request link of your Virtual Organization.

You will need to wait until you are approved before being able to start using the services (eg. the AI4OS Dashboard).


You have to provide (e.g. in Comments) the following information:

  • Reason to use the platform (e.g. use case)

  • Your institution or organization

  • How did you learn about the platform